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Rainbow wings
A row of eight dancers stand with their backs to the audience. They are a mix of body shapes and genders and are gazing over their shoulders at the audience while cheekily undoing their corsets.

Cardiff Cabaret Club is a fully inclusive organisation. We welcome everybody regardless of gender, sexuality, age, cultural heritage, appearance, class or ability. This is a safe, inclusive space for all sparkly bodies.

We believe everyone deserves to be celebrated as their authentic self and have the freedom to express themselves through the art of burlesque.

Wales Burlesque Festival is striving to be a safe, creative space for all bodies to shine and be fabulous!

There is no place at our festival for racism, homophobia, transphobia, ablism, ageism, sexism, classism, body shaming or any other troll behaviour. Audience members or artists who do not abide by this will be removed from the festival. No refunds!

We always aim to support our in-house and visiting artists to the best of our knowledge and abilities. We are pro-active in educating ourselves about the experiences and needs of others but humbly recognise that we do not know everything!

If there is anything you feel we need to know in advance, or could be doing better, we will always listen to you and take immediate steps to support you fully.